Autism, glutathione, and Immunocal – Dr. Jimmy Gutman

Published on 18 Jun 2014
Lecture at AutismOne conference, Chicago, May 2014.
Dr. Jimmy Gutman, the world’s leading author of books on glutathione, presents a summary of how this critically-important molecule relates to the pathology and treatment of autism. Glutathione has at times been called “The master antioxidant”, “The toxic waste neutralizer of the body”, and “Food for the immune system”. He will review the history of it’s research and how recent studies have shown great promise as a potential treatment for autism. Glutathione has been noted to be generally deficient in the population of autistic spectrum disorder patients and Dr. Gutman explains in part the immunological, and detoxification-related difficulties inherent due to low glutathione levels. Aspects of glutathione function, benefits, and supplementation will be covered in an academic yet easy to comprehend presentation.
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